Science Department

Name Mrs. Anushree Roy
Designation PGT
Educational Qualification M.Sc,M.Phil, B.Ed, M.Ed
Date of Birth 19-06-1975
Date of Appointment 01-04-2014
Mobile Number 9425303898
Name Ms. Manisha Awasthi
Designation PGT
Educational Qualification M.Sc., B.Ed., M.Ed.
Date of Birth 22-07-1980
Date of Appointment 04-04-2016
Mobile Number 9009058752
Name Mrs. Shubhra Mishra
Designation TGT
Educational Qualification M.Sc.B.Ed.
Date of Birth 12-02-1961
Date of Appointment 01-07-1991
Mobile Number 9425564005
Name Mrs. Sherja Sajan
Designation TGT
Educational Qualification M.Sc., B.Ed.
Date of Birth 01-01-1969
Date of Appointment 01-07-1993
Mobile Number 9424106098
Name Mrs. Sheela Sahu
Designation TGT
Educational Qualification M.Sc., Bio-Tech., B.Ed.
Date of Birth 24-06-1984
Date of Appointment 09-04-2012
Mobile Number 9407769450
Name Mrs. Santoshi Soni
Designation PRT
Educational Qualification B.Sc., M.A.B.Ed. Diploma in English
Date of Birth 06-12-1971
Date of Appointment 19-06-2006
Mobile Number 9827107216
Name Ms. Seema Agnihotri
Designation PRT
Educational Qualification B.Sc, B.Ed
Date of Birth 01-01-1988
Date of Appointment 17-06-2013
Mobile Number 9993709051
Name Mrs. Beena Sam
Designation PRT
Educational Qualification M.Com,B.Ed.
Date of Birth 31-01-1985
Date of Appointment 19-07-2008
Mobile Number 8982352337
Name Mrs. Chaitali Mitra
Designation PRT
Educational Qualification M.A, B.Ed
Date of Birth 15-04-1980
Date of Appointment 17-06-2013
Mobile Number 8817203274
Name Mrs. Sherly S. Cherian
Designation PRT
Educational Qualification B.Sc.,MA,.B.Ed
Date of Birth 25-05-1967
Date of Appointment 03-07-1993
Mobile Number 9827462953
Name Mrs. Andleeb Shadab
Designation PRT
Educational Qualification B.E, M.Tech, B.Ed (Pursing)
Date of Birth 05-05-1991
Date of Appointment 24-06-2019
Mobile Number 8602692911
Name Ms. Jharna Verma
Designation PGT
Educational Qualification M.Sc.(Che), B.Ed.
Date of Birth 27-02-1990
Date of Appointment 24-06-2019
Mobile Number 7000671184