Admin Staff

Name Sr. Rosin
Designation Principal
Educational Qualification M.Sc., B.Ed
Date of Birth 18-07-1978
Date of Appointment 01-04-2009
Mobile Number 7869240016
Name Sr. Christy
Designation Vice Principal
Educational Qualification M.A., B.Ed.
Date of Birth 22-01-1979
Date of Appointment 01-07-2017
Mobile Number 0
Name Sr. Arachana
Designation Manager
Educational Qualification M.A.
Date of Birth 25-07-1967
Date of Appointment 04-04-2016
Mobile Number 7389142540
Name Sr. Anupama
Designation H.M.
Educational Qualification B.A., B.Ed.
Date of Birth 17-03-1978
Date of Appointment 28-06-2017
Mobile Number 9589447889