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Message From Principal

Dear parents, teachers and my dear students we are here to begin a new academic session. Lets thank God for this new academic year and recall the blessings we have received during last years specially for the good results in X and XII Board Examination. On behalf of Vishwadeep family I congratulate you dear students including your teachers & parents who have contributed for your success.

There is a saying ‘well begun is half done’ Let us begin this year joyfully and grateful to God for all that we have, instead of complaining what we do not have, and make use of all the opportunities you get for your bright future.

Try to learn something new everyday. It may be from your teachers, parents, elders, friends and even from the nature. You might have heard the story of a king named Robert Bruce. He was the king of Scotland. After having lost all of seventeen battles against the English in desperation he took shelter in a cave to escape from the enemies. As he sat there wounded in body and spirit, and having lost all faith in himself, he noticed a spider building its web. As it tried, the thin thread that the spider spun snapped repeatedly and the spider kept falling down.

To Bruce’s amazement the spider would simply not give up. It tried again and again, so may times, that he lost count. Finally the spider was able to climb all the way up to where it wanted to build its web.

Suddenly hope rose in Bruce’s heart. The little spider had taught him a great lesson about life. Inspiring words of courage rose in his mind. Try, try, try again until you succeed. With renewed faith in himself, he went to war, yet again against the English, and won the battle.

Yes dear students this is my humble message that try, try again until you succeed. Surely there will be failures, obstacles and difficulties on your way. But if you try again and again to overcome all these barriers the success will be yours. Dear parents, teachers and students once again wishing you all the best in advance and praying for you I remain.

Thank You. 
Sr. Christy